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Recognition Assembly

Recognition Assembly  

Here you will find information about when the parent assembly is that you can attend:

                  **/**/2017   at  *pm

In our Recognition Assembly we celebrate the children's learning- looking at extra homework children have produced, giving out certificates for amazing literacy work and super maths work, some children are lucky enough to receive a pen license if their writing passes the test and those children who have truly amazed their teachers that week may be on the Golden Scroll and will even get to have 'special tea' with Mrs Ward!!

Attendance is a whole school focus and during our Recognition Assembly Mrs Ward announces the winners for each phase and the losers for each phase. The Winning class receive either a treat from the Golden treat bag or the Class Teacher is given a dare for the following Friday. Ranging from the Class teacher having to dress up as a book character, a pirate or even come to school in their pj's!! Definitely worth attending every day to make your class teacher  receive a dare!