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Whole School (Nursery - Year 6) 

Headlice        Non-Uniform Day 18th May 2016      Templars' Got Talent 2016                                                 New Deputy Head Teacher and  Assistant Head Teacher      Christmas Event Break Down      Permission to Hold Rabbits - Nursery - Year 6      Free School Meal  Help Rec-Year 6      Coventry Half Marathon Year 1 - 6 March 2017       Year 1 - 5 Library Visit Letter      Safer Internet Day-Thursday 9th Feb     Triple P Programme Mrs Ward's Letter to all children     After School Activities


AM Egg Rolling    PM Egg Rolling   AM Children - Trip to Ash End Farm     PM Children - Trip to Ash End Farm   Easter Bonnet Parade     Curriculum Plan


Wonderland trip on 24th May 16    Wonderland Lunches on 24th May 16   Guess How Much I Love You Afternoon Feb 17    Easter Bonnet Parade   PE Days

Year 1/2

Hatton Country World Trip Year 1   Ryton Pools Trip Year 2    Gardening Club   Year 2 Transport Museum Trip    Year 1 and 2 Film Night    Year 2 Zoolab 2017    Coventry City Centre Trip - Year 2     Year 2 Kingswood Meeting 2017    Curriculum Plan

Year 3/4

Ryton Pools Trip Year3   Year 4 Dol-y-Moch Meeting 2016   Year 4 Egyptian Day   Year 3 Roman Letter         Year 3 and 4 Film Night   Year 4 Dol-y-Moch Meeting 2017   Year 3 Kingswood Meeting Letter 2017   Year 3-Protecting you protecting me    Year 4-Stratford Trip CANCELLED   Year 3-Black Country Museum     Curriculum Plan

Year 5/6

Weston Super Mare Trip on 8th June 2016      Dol-y-moch Meeting 2016   London Meeting 2016                         Leavers Mug    Stories Around The Campfire   Year 5 and 6 Film Night   New Teacher in 5K                         Miss Parsons Class - Teacher Change   Year 5 - Lamb's Heart Dissection    Plans for Children that are not going to London    Year 5 Dol-y-Moch meeting 2017   Year 5 Protecting you Protecting me    Year 5-Weston Super Mare Trip 2017     Curriculum Plan